I just wanted to send you a message and let you know how much I enjoyed your book. I just wish we were able to have visited more at the conference in Crowley. I am Mary Zaunbrecher- the President of our club and the Crowley Rotary CLub conference chair. You are definitely a facinating woman. You have inspired me to follow dreams I have had for many years. We may meet again at another conference. Also, I would like to invite you to speak at our club on a Tuesday at noon. Let me know if this is something you would like to do. Thank you again for sharing your life with me.
It was so nice meeting you at the Rotary conference. I’ve just finished reading your book & I’ve been talking about it to everyone I see! I am your age and I, too, am into ministry and service.
Peggy Sandidge. Crowley, La.

I read your book! You are one in a million   A. Cantrelle. BR



My neighbor loaned me your book. “He Lays the Stones For Our Steps.”  I read it that  day.!  I want to buy two, one for me to keep and the other for a gift
Carol Sterling. BR
“I can;t put your book down!
Margaret Oswald. BR
This is the first tine I have ever sat across the table to eat with the author of the book I am reading!
Mary Jo Nielson. BR

We were pleased to support Cheri McDaniel in the presentation of her recent book, He Lays the Stones, which is an inspiration to people of all ages and walks of life to become the vessels God created us to be looking to Him for guidance and strength through life challenges. Cheri certainly has lived with that knowledge and understanding and has opened her journey for all to share.

Katherine Martin


I want to express my gratitude to you for having me at your book dedication,  a very special night. What you had to say about my Dad truly meant a great deal to me. I could tell he was someone who greatly affected your life and I’m grateful. My friend enjoyed the evening as well. Thank you for including me and thank you for sharing your heartfelt story of the “healing your little child within” which led to your  acceptance of your  lovability  and God’s deep inner grace.
Peace and grace to you,
Tamara Guffey, New Orleans
(Daughter of  Dr. Wayne Guffey,  Pastoral Gestalt Counselor)
Cheri, at your book dedication at St James Place, you made a statement that resonated with my experience when I tried for one LONG year to become someone I am not! I am gaining  a deeper psychological understanding  through your experiences  shared in your memoir, especially this quote:
” A Baton Rouge physician I was seeing for a medical problem added insight to our situation. I remember his words verbatim, ‘Cher, we are programmed at a certain speed when we were born, and we could not change that even if we wanted to.” Reading your book can certainly help  a person feel more comfortable in their own skin!
Marilyn McBride, Baton Rouge
Your book is great!
Tom Oswald, Baton Rouge
Cheri, your book was wonderful! I am amazed at how you faced obstacles in your life and never turned back, nor gave up!   Youth faith is so deep and ingrained in all you do,  and all you face. Truly you live in the fullness of His title,  “He Lays the Stones For Our Steps.”
 My  three daughtersare Christians; one is married to a minister. All three have cancer and  I want each to have  a copy.
Leigh Boight Baton Rouge
I love your book, I do not want to put it down!  To read of your extreme poverty and how hard you and your family worked, I am amazed at your success stories. Surely you made millions!  I can’t wait to read the rest of your life story! 
 Eldine Colligan. Baton Rouge

Dear Cheri

How marvelous that you shared your personal story. Ir is very inspiring!
Yes — illness can cause stress — I believe that God will take care of me –

and has for a LONG time. Your story  is extremely interesting since I know the
people you talk about When you mention Lake Rosemound — Marlene King
was in my Covenant group at one time — used to go fishing on the lake
with her — bottle fishing !
I AM getting stronger.

 Mildred  Millie Caldwell



I have read your story and reminisced about my  years growing up while working hard in  impoverished  rural Texas,
Thank you for writing.
Tom Stewart
I have enjoyed your book. You accomplishments are amazing!
Nancy Gay
Cheri’s book is much more than the usual memoir. She includes quotations from other authors which adds to the literary appeal. Sharing her book is a a special experience. She recalled her time with some of us who played a role over the years. Always aware of her faith as part of her spirit and her growth, this inspirational memoir is a deeply meaningful offering. She recounts being a mother and grandmother while her amazing ability to visualize,  and with no formal education in areas of architecture, landscaping, and interior design, she  has  had great influence on our Baton Rouge environment. As a relative newcomer to the area, I would very much like to tour some of her creative projects.
Beyond her career days, as a resident of St, James Place, Cheri continues to give, especially to residents in assisted living and memory care. Through her participation in  Rotary International she spearheaded numerous projects,  including school retention workshops with 8th grade students in area schools, as well as international projects in African countries, Swaziland and Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Her 87th birthday will be celebrated this September; her dedication to others  undiminished!
Marilyn Rosenson